Carolina Wild Photo (the blog)


As a kid I was the only one in the family who could take movies with the 8mm home movie camera that weren’t nauseating 5-second clips of blurred panning across unrecognizable scenery. I also liked to dabble with the old twin-lens reflex and Polaroid we had. But it wasn’t until I was serving in Vietnam in 1969 that I bought my first camera, a 35mm SLR. When I finished my military service I added a second 35mm, some lenses and accessories, and became fascinated with scenic and bird photography. Yet, it was still only a sideline interest that supplemented my art and painting.

Though photography, film processing and printing was also a big part of my work career as a commercial artist, it was destined to remain a secondary interest to my art. The darkroom work really served to negate the “fun” part of photography for me. Then during the ’80’s and ’90’s the personal computer, the internet, and the digital revolution came along. I dove head first into the new digital art and video mediums. Between 1997 and 2003 the fledgling technology of digital photography matured from an interesting but overpriced technical toy into an affordable, professional level technology advanced enough to grab my attention. I started out with a Canon 10D and two lenses. With my previous experience and background in computer graphics, the digital imaging process was a piece of cake, and a joy, compared to the drudgery of film and processing. Digital photography quickly turned into a truly serious and passionate interest.