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Stubby's REAL competition,... the Baby.

"Raw Deal"
When Stubby finds out his owner has a baby coming, he doesn't quite understand. Of course, when Crystal asks about it, he takes the opportunity to ask her some very "logical" questions, and he comes to the only "logical" conclusion that could be made.- click to view "Raw Deal"

"I Told You So"
Looks like Stubby was right. They really should have gotten a warranty.- click to view "I Told You So"

"It's A Fixer-upper Alright"
You can't say Stubby doesn't have a talent for electronic diagnosis. With a little careful observation, he's spotted the correct symptom. Well, at least he thinks he has. -click to view "It's A Fixer-upper Alright"

"Okay, Spidey, Fess-up"
Yeah, Stubby, you're cute, but not as cute as that baby. And don't go blaming Spiderman, either. - click to view "Okay, Spidey, Fess-up"

"Rubber Baby Boogey Bummer"
Accidents happen, and poor Stubby has more than his fair share. Walkie-talkie meets wobble-topple. - click to view "Rubber Baby Boogey Bummer"

"Worse Than Spider Webs"
Okay, Stubby, you complained about being left alone, now you complain about going out. So what's it going to be? - click to view "Worse Than Spider Webs"

...... and then, along comes The Computer.

"Nice to be Needed"
Oh, no. Looks like a new hobby craze. There's a new computer in the house. - click to view "Nice to be Needed"

"Double Trouble"
It's double trouble in this triangle of loves; the computer, the baby, or Stubby. Guess who looses. - click to view "Double Trouble"

"Self Image"
After being mostly ignored for some time after the new computer arrived, Stubby is delighted to find out that the computer isn't really all bad, and in fact, actually can serve at least one useful purpose. - click to view "Self Image"

Ah, The Last One

"Alien Attack "
And finally, since Stubby never got to visit outer space himself, his life wouldn't be complete without being visited at least once by someone from outer space. I guess he mistook the movie "ET" for a documentary - click to view "Alien Attack"

So, where is Stubby now?? .........
Who knows? Maybe the Aliens got him.

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