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(another personal favorite)
Introduction        Page One
When the first shuttle astronaut who was also a licensed Amateur Radio operator got permission to take a handi-talkie on the space shuttle and transmit from space, it caused quite a stir in the Amateur Radio community, all around the world. Of course, Stubby was caught up in the excitement too, dreaming of what it would be like to be that lucky handi-talkie making the first contacts from space. - click to view "Astro Stubby"

Max, the magnificent handi-talkie.

"Mirror, Mirror"
Max, the magnificent handi-talkie, has about every super duper gadget there is, and Stubby just cannot compete with him for the ladies attentions, though he tries valiantly. Looking for a morale boost, Stubby consults the magic mirror. - click to view "Mirror, Mirror"

"Mighty Max"
While Stubby was dreaming of being the first handi-talkie in space, Max was up to more practical, down-to-earth things, like impressing the chicks by making contact with the real handi-talkie in space. Of course, with all his gadgetry, he was able to "dish" out more than poor Stubby could take. - click to view "Mighty Max"

"Is That A Real Hobby?"
(another personal favorite)
Even in a simple, casual conversation, Max shows how much more "computing power" he has than poor old Stubby. - click to view "Is That A Real Hobby?"

"All Wet"
Max is always ready for anything. And as usual, compared to Max, poor Stubby is all wet.- click to view "All Wet"

"Digital Dysfunction"
Max's superiority comes at a price, for although he is controlled by a "state-of-the-art" microprocessor, the state-of-the-art at that time wasn't all that good. And just like today's computers, Max was prone to an occasional "glitch". - click to view "Digital Dysfunction"

The annual ritual of Amateur Radio Field Day.

"Being Prepared"
Amateur Radio Field Day is all about being self-reliant, and being prepared in an emergency. But sometimes it can be hard work. - (at right)

"Just Charge It"
As usual, Max is the epitome of efficiency for Field Day. By using his gadgetry, he makes "light" of Stubby's situation. - click to view "Just Charge It"

The Baby, the Computer and the Alien - See page three.