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About "Stubby" In Print
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I enjoy cartooning, and Stubby was one of my favorite characters that I did for fun while I was active in Amateur Radio with the callsign WD4SKH. Stubby was originally published in the CVRA Journal (Carolinas-Virginias Repeater Association Journal) in issues that covered 1983 to 1986. All the characters were actually patterned after various models of 2-meter handi-talkies that I owned while active in Amateur Radio. The amateur callsigns used in the cartoons were/are real amateur operators that I knew and talked with. The events in the comic strip were based on real-life experiences to a great part as well. The baby, the first home computer, TV shows of the day, my electric shaver, Field Days, Hurricane Diana and the 2-meter handi-talkie in space are all real things and events that gave me ideas for the cartoon. And though I was unable to make contact with the space shuttle like "Max" did, I was able to pick up the faint signal from the shuttle on my 2-meter mobile radio. You have to admit, there aren't a lot of people in the world that can honestly say they were able to hear a radio transmission from the space shuttle in their car!
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